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RAD Server

Rapidly build and deploy services-based applications!

Multi-Tier Development Made Easy

Finally a back-end for multi-tier applications as easy as delphi

Before RAD Server, developers custom built back-end Delphi and C++Builder application servers using server toolkits like DataSnap which provided a few basic server building blocks for multi-tier, but left the vast majority of the development to the developer. Enter RAD Server. With RAD Server, developers can now simply load Delphi and C++ business logic methods into RAD Server, add some users, and go. REST/JSON end-points are auto-created and managed. Access control is handled. Data storage is built-in or you can easily connect to any popular Enterprise RDBMS or cloud service. Track and respond to user location. Push notifications to users. Integrated smart IoT devices into your solution. And deploy on site or in the cloud. Multi-tier has never been this simple, turn-key, flexible, and powerful.

  • Build Client UX, Quickly Build your UX Forms for Desktop and Mobile platforms in RAD Studio, Delphi or C++Builder
  • Integrate, Connect RAD Server to your Enterprise Databases, Cloud Services and IoT Devices to extend your application.
  • Add Application Services, Add users and API access control rules, and turn on data persistence to use the built-in secure data store.
  • Add Users, Configure user groups and add users via the RAD Server portal or import from LDAP. Assign API access rights to control what functionality different user groups have access to.
  • Deploy, Host your RAD Server on an a private “on prem” Windows server or cloud host on Amazon, Rackspace or Azure Clouds.
  • Manage, Manage your APIs and users, and analyze utilization and API activity via the built-in RAD Server Application Management Portal.
  • Build Client UX, Quickly Build your UX Forms for Desktop and Mobile platforms in RAD Studio, Delphi or C++Builder

REST Endpoint Publishing

Easy REST API Endpoint Creation, Publishing, And Management

RAD Server automatically generates managed REST/JSON API endpoints from your Delphi or C++ business logic. Since your Delphi and C++ APIs are published as heterogeneous REST/JSON endpoints, RAD Server easily supports virtually any client type: desktop, mobile and wearable clients, and popular JavaScript Web Frameworks.

  • REST Endpoint Publishing, Create and publish your server REST/JSON API-based endpoints. Endpoints can be extended by integrating a wide range of databases, cloud services, IoT devices, and other technologies.
  • API Analytics, All REST API end-point activity is recorded and measured for robust statistics tracking and analytics. Analyze user, API, and services activity to gain insight into how your application is being utilized.
  • Access Control, Add users via console portal and import, or authenticate users via LDAP-based API services. Easily configure API-level access control to user groups.
  • Desktop, Mobile & Web, Build desktop, mobile, web, console, and other application types supported by RAD Studio. Web client applications can be built using Sencha Ext JS or other programming languages.

Integration Middleware

High Performance Integration With Data, Cloud, And Smart Devices

RAD Server provides multiple integrations out of the box with connectivity to external servers, applications, databases, smart devices, cloud services, and other platforms. Easily to connect Enterprise Data, Cloud Services and Smart IoT devices.

  • Enterprise Data, High performance built-in connectivity to all popular Enterprise RDBMS servers. Based on FireDAC developers have easy connectivity and a wealth of features for connecting with and working with data from a variety of sources.
  • IoT Smart Devices, IoT Connection components enables fast and easy integration of IoT Smart devices into your app clients or back-end. RAD Server’s IoT Edgeware extends it’s reach to where your Bluetooth IoT devices are physically located.
  • Cloud Services, Easily integrate REST cloud services from a variety of cloud, social, and BAAS platforms such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Kinvey, Parse and more.

Application Services

Power Your Application With Built-In Core Services

Core services like User Directory services, authentication, access control, push notifications, JSON data storage, and user location tracking, and beacon fencing provide the key foundational components of your server application.

  • Push Notifications, Send programmatic or on-demand notifications to your application users.
  • Built-in Secure Datastore, Easily store and retrieve JSON data securely and without requiring a separate database server.
  • User/Group Management, Create and manage users, groups, and access control via the RAD Server management portal.
  • User Location/Proximity, Track user movement both indoors and outdoors, and respond to proximity events when users enter or exit custom beacon zones or approach designated beacon points.